Deadwood Box Corridor Study

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The Deadwood Box is a concrete box / bridge that supports Highways 14A & 85 and carries Whitewood Creek beneath the highway.

This study will evaluate alternate options for the replacement of the structure and roadway corridor. This is an important undertaking to replace the aging structure while accommodating the traveling public and protecting the City of Deadwood’s rich history.

Study Area

Like most buried treasure or hidden infrastructure, Deadwood community members and visitors will likely be surprised to learn there is a structure underneath US14A/US85 carrying Whitewood Creek from Pine Street to the vicinity of Tin Lizzie Casino. This map illustrates the area where the box currently sits.

A project this significant to the City of Deadwood requires a lot of planning. A Study Advisory Team will work closely with the public to develop a comprehensive plan. The study area is outlined on this map.

Map showing the study area and current Deadwood box

Get Involved

As we begin this undertaking, it is important to get input from those who know Deadwood best, YOU!

Opportunites include virtual public meetings, adding notes to the online comment map, and connecting through email. In-person meetings will begin once physical distancing recommendations are relaxed.



Study Meetings September

New Build Concept Development / Revise Purpose & Need / Visual Impact Assessment August to March


Study Meetings March

Stakeholder and Agency Input Update Study Visualizations April to August

Deadwood City Commission Meeting August

Visual Impact and Purpose & Need Public Meeting #3 October

Study Meetings November

Refine Build Alternatives & Environmental Study November to June


Study Meetings March

Environmental Document Public Review July

Environmental Document Public Meeting August

Study Complete November